Democratizing Clinical Apps

The cost, complexity and closed approach to clinical trial applications has become a barrier for drug development. As of 2022, a handful of Big CROs backed by trillion dollar private equity firms control nearly 70% of the clinical R&D services market.* The Big CROs control the applications, technology, infrastructure and data in most clinical trials. As a result of the control of Big CROs, the cost of clinical R&D has become prohibitive for teams and organizations without millions or even billions of dollars. Big CROs and their market influence result in lower levels of innovation by less wealthy biopharma firms and slowed new drug development. If a new product does reach the market, the prices are often raised significantly to cover overcharging by Big CROs. Big CROs impact the prices paid by sponsors, governments and patients.

Our mission at Clin.Net is to help lower drug development costs by democratizing accessibility, affordability and availability of applications, platforms and related technologies through our free open source applications, centralized de-identified clinical intelligence and AI based analytics that are accessible to all.

*Tufts University Center for the Study of Drug Development, 2022 Tufts CSDD Impact Report, the top 10 Contract Research Organizations (CROs) generated $34 billion in clinical services revenue in 2022, which accounts for nearly 70% of the total spending on contract clinical services.

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